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as well as 100% accountability with an expert Trainer and UK Fitness Champion. Of course you’ll get everything you need to transform your body, including personalised training and nutrition plans too, so it takes all the guesswork out for you.

This is the future of Online Fitness Coaching.

An online coaching programme that makes all the others look… amateur.

How can I say such a thing I hear you ask?

Well, there seems to be as many online fitness coaches as there are Instagram models these days which makes it pretty hard to know which ones are genuine and actually know a thing or two about getting into shape.

I fear for you.

I fear these so-called ‘Coaches’ will take your money and deliver nothing but a cookie-cutter plan with your name printed at the top.

I fear that you’ve already experienced one of these dreaded ‘Coaches’ and are worried about swiping down any further.

Well, I have some great news for you…

I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of amazing clients, ones that have succeeded in their quest to sculpt and shape a lean body.

I appreciate that seeing is believing so I’ve included a handful of the results like the ones you can expect on this programme further down.

More about the programme…

Lean With Lee is an intensive 12-week coaching programme designed to shape your best body ever and teach you how to keep your results for the rest of your life.

Before I share all of the exciting features and benefits you can expect on this coaching programme, let me make a very quick intro so you can get to know me a little better.

I’m Lee Constantinou; it’s easier to just call me Lee, pronouncing my surname for most becomes a bit of workout in itself. I’m a Body Transformation Coach, Trainer & UK Fitness Model Champion. I’ve been in fitness for around 11 years, so you could say I know a thing or two about building muscle and fat loss... More about me and my vision for #LeanWithLee further down.

Still with me?

If you’re even just a little bit convinced so far scroll down and find out how this programme can fast track your results and teach you how to sustain your dream body for life.


Progressive and periodised resistance training plans coupled with high intensity interval training and cardio conditioning workouts.


Nutrition plans designed just for you based on your needs and goals on the programme.


Supplement recommendations to optimise your health, improve your performance and speed up your recovery.


Professional advice and guidance from experts to support your journey.


Stay motivated, be supported and encouraged to see yourself through this life changing transformation.


Dedicated support from coaches and likeminded people to keep you on track and focused on getting results every step of the journey.

Who is Lee?

Lee is a professional fitness athlete and body transformation expert with over 11 years experience in the fitness industry. He has transformed the lives of hundreds of men and women from around the world with his online coaching programmes. A competitive physique athlete with numerous titles including WBFF UK Fitness Model champion. He is an internationally sponsored athlete with and USN and has the vision of transforming the lives of 500,000 individuals across the globe.

Lee launched #LeanWithLee to streamline his coaching programmes and unite clients on a single journey to educate, motivate and encourage one another through a total body transformation. Lee aspires to expand his coaching programmes so more people can benefit from his practical and knowledge-based approach to coaching and inspire those around them to make a positive lifestyle change.

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  • Wants to burn fat and sculpt a sexier body
  • Wants to build rock-hard lean muscle
  • Wants to feel amazing every single day
  • Wants to learn how to sustain the results for life
  • Doesn’t know how much to eat, what to have and when
  • Wants to live a life full of confidence
  • Loves socialising and wants to make fitness part of their lifestyle
  • Needs support and expert advice to make it happen
  • Has hit a wall and not seeing any changes to their body
  • Craves structure and guidance to stay on track
  • Really wants to improve their life quality and be happier

Benefits of Lean with Lee


You can search the busy internet for answers, read endless articles, watch hours of videos and still not be sure who or what to follow. Lean with Lee will save you time and headache looking for the magic formula, giving you more time to focus on enjoying your life.


Losing body fat and building muscle results in one thing, feeling and looking sexy. Lean with Lee is a programme designed to give you a result, a brand new you full of confidence and happiness.


Learn how to sustain your results through educational webinars teaching you everything you need to know to take control of your diet and training once you complete the programme.


How is this different to any other online coaching programme?

You might be wondering how this online coaching programme is any different to all the others out there. Most online coaching programmes:

  • Expect you to eat 6 or 7 meals a day
  • Have no food variety and force you to eat chicken and broccoli 5 times a day
  • Force you to hit the gym twice a day
  • Rely on your schedule to be free that you can do to cardio 7 days a week
  • Completely neglect any education and training in fear that they’ll loose you as a client
  • Don’t consider your lifestyle needs. They expect you to live and breathe their programme to see results

Let me just say, it doesn’t have to be so restrictive and tough… Yeah you’re gonna have to put in some work and stay consistent but the days of living like a professional bodybuilder to see results are way in the past.

You can get decent results with just a few tweaks to your regular lifestyle and even greater results with a plan and a coach to get you there.

I’ve helped others just like you, looking for answers and a plan to follow, and guess what… the results speak for themselves, best of all it complements their lifestyle so much that they barely feel like they’re ‘on a diet’.

Just take a look at some of these awesome clients further down if you’re still unsure if this programme is right for you.

Lean with Lee is the most comprehensive online coaching programme supported with accountability and education to keep you motivated and inspired along your journey. You will look great, feel amazing and love life.



A progressive, periodised weight based training programme designed to get you stronger and leaner.

personalised nutrition plans

A 100% tailored eating regime that you can sustain to burn fat and build lean muscle.


The only supplements you’ll ever need to support your diet and achieve the body you want.


Stay on track with your dedicated coach who will keep you on track, tweak your plans and keep you focused over the 12 weeks.


Access to a private exercise database with full demonstrations and technique tips for the workouts in your programme.


Learn the in’s and out’s of tracking macros and flexible dieting to take your nutrition into your own hands.


Support and encouragement from others on the Lean With Lee coaching programme. Get expert advice from Lee and motivation from your fellow transformees.


Lee will teach you every step of the journey. Covering mindset, nutrition, training, overcoming challenges and how to sustain your results for life. Stay motivated, get educated and inspired through interactive webinars.



Before: 167.5lbs
After: 142.6lbs

"When I started working with Lee’s I soon found out that everything he said were based on his number years of experience. His methods are incredible and extremely flexible. Throughout the 12 Week I had many setbacks and unplanned situations which weren’t part of the plan, for example I had a planned trip to Venice for 4 days, I was made redundant in my current role so I had to look for a new job during this process and on top of that I am also studying weekends and working full time 9-5.30pm 5 days a week. Honestly Lee’s program just works perfectly, he is not like other coaches out there who just want to cut your bodyweight down to a super low weight quickly. The program allowed me to maintain my muscle mass and strength all the way up until the end, I actually won the Ironman powerlifting competition at my gym in the 10th week and won 6 months free membership to my gym!!

To summarise, the best thing about the program and Lee’s guidance is that you will gain an abundance of knowledge and information to be able to self-coach yourself forever. Lee is attentive, happy to answer any sort of questions and will tailor your needs when necessary; I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lee to others.” – Chilech


Before: 191.4lbs
After: 177.5lbs

"There’s a saying that goes “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

In one sentence, that is the difference between Lee Constantinou and every other body transformation coach out there. Lee equips you with the knowledge and understanding behind every single thing you do inside the gym and outside of the gym, so that you understand why you are doing what you are doing, in order for you to implement the training and nutritional habits into YOUR lifestyle for longevity and not just a short period of time to get into shape for an upcoming wedding or a beach holiday. He helps you create a lifestyle of physical and mental health.

Having thought that I knew the fundamentals and principles of weight training and dieting, for years I would train and never see the results I wanted and I never understood why. After a very busy and food ingested December of work events and Christmas parties, the fat was piling on and Lee suggested I consider taking part in the 250k transformation challenge at the beginning of January 2016 and embark on a 12 week transformation journey….and it was the best decision I ever made in my life. Being a massive foodie, I was skeptical at first about whether or not I would be able to last 12 weeks of hardcore dieting and training but following Lee’s programme and advice, I was relieved to find out that wouldn’t be the case, as he introduced me to flexible dieting! … Absolute game changer! Lee provided me with a programme that could fit into my lifestyle of running my own business and having a very active social life. His unconditional and constant support and motivation from week 1 to week 12 spurred me on to give 110% and ultimately transform into the best shape of my life. Lee not only provides you with the training and dieting programme to reach your goals but he also adds and empowers you with the key ingredient to success in any area of life…a Postive Mental Attitude (PMA). Having a positive ‘can do’ mental attitude is what separates the weak from the strong, the unsuccessful from the successful. If you are serious about making a change in your life to create the best physical version of yourself, I cannot recommend Lee enough. He is without doubt, the teacher, the educator, the messiah of the body transformation world.

And as a final note to Lee, thank you….thank you for helping me change the rest of my life for the better." – Fan Costi


Before: 137.5lbs
After: 118lbs

“After spending years of wasted time and money on a personal trainer each week I didn’t know what to expect when I signing up with Lee. His methods didn’t disappoint and I can honestly say that with his constant support and knowledge, having Lee coach me through my transformation was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

I started to enjoy training again, enjoyed meals out and he worked my plan around my schedule and social life. Thank you for answering my thousands of questions and all the support Lee, you really have changed my life.” – Misha


Before: 207lbs
After: 183lbs

“Lee’s training programme was whole new experience, very detailed and organised and the most important easy to follow and understand. His nutrition plan not only took me to another level on my fitness journey, it also helped me understand nutrition in a whole different way and change my lifestyle for better. It is not just a diet! Lee method of coaching was great; supportive, easy to follow and effective for getting me stage ready and shredded! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Lee to others.” – Jesse (WBFF Fitness Model Competitor)


Before: 185lbs
After: 169lbs

“Lee Constantinou’s fitness plan creates results. I had been eating a combination of all the wrong foods for as long as I can remember and having some real guidance on my diet saw a quick change in my weight. Within the first 4 weeks I had lost 10lbs and I was starting feel good about my body again. In the past, I hadn’t been able to stick to any plan for more than 2-3 weeks however Lee’s plan was easy to adapt to, still allowed me a huge variety of food, whilst combining the diet with varied gym sessions.

He created a plan that worked with my lifestyle; my personality and I really enjoyed it. I was looking forward to the gym sessions that were always kept so varied, and completing my achievements on my Weekly Tracker after each session, hugely helped for my motivation as I watched the pounds come off and I increased my weights and reps.

Lee made the gym interesting. In the past it has been the monotony of going to the gym that has lost my interest however Lee adapted and varied my sessions continuously which kept the gym exciting for me. It’s the immediate results from Lee’s plan that also kept me motivated and dedicated to achieving my goals.

Lee reviewed my results each week and gave me his constructive and honest feedback along with encouragement for the week ahead. Along the journey, Lee changed my mindset and allowed me to believe that I CAN create results and that’s due to his motivating plan, and his attitude & encouragement which in turn allowed me to think just as he does every day – “Challenge yourself to be your best self”. His dedication for improvement is infectious – and it 100% worked for me to achieve my goal.

I would gladly recommend Lee to anyone who wants to challenge themselves, move towards a more healthy lifestyle, become more educated about diet, fitness and becoming their best self!” – Bircan


Before: 160lbs
After: 152lbs

“The gym and I have never been a good combination; I’ve tried so many different types of training and different diets but had no success. So I started with Lee’s Online Coaching and from day 1 I was pushed harder than I’ve ever been pushed before. I’m a complete novice and Lee tailored every session to my ability. It brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “No pain, no gain”. Lee is hugely motivational and very thorough, helping with nutrition and general well-being as well as fitness. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.” – Joshua


Before: 169lbs
After: 161lbs

“Lee Constantinou managed to get me from fat to fit with an easy to follow nutrition plan and a workout programme designed over two stages to get the best gains I could get. During my transformation programme with Lee he kept a close eye on my diet, tweaking it here and there to help my body utilise the fat and carb stores to get leaner without losing any muscle mass. Lee’s exercise programme had seemed easy on paper but once I had gotten to the gym and done it I was totally mistaken; my own training had left my strength well behind other guys I knew plus within the first few weeks of this new exercise programme my strength had dramatically increased, to the point of me having a new personal best of a 180kg dead lift! By the end of the 12 week programme every area had grown, I even had notable separation of my quadriceps. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lee to anyone thinking of losing weight, gaining size, male, female, someone new to the gym or for pre-contest preparation. Lee managed to get me motivated, my body fat down and abs out. What more do you need.” – Brian


Before: 186lbs
After: 158lbs

“Lee was on hand weekly via email for support and advice, by following the training program I was able to achieve my goals and as you can see the results speak for themselves! The nutrition guidelines and training plans are easy to follow but hard work was key. Lee is a true inspiration to both myself and others and I’m looking forward to start another one of Lee’s guides to help me get to my next goal.” Arthur


Before: 195lbs
After: 156lbs

“I came to Lee whilst having been on very low macronutrients for a long time and I was unable to shed the extra 5kg I needed to through a previous trainer I worked with. I had a holiday booked to Miami 5 months from when I came to Lee and he literally worked wonders. Working with the low macronutrients, Lee got me to 65kg from 72kg. With flexible dieting, a very good structured training program and being able to contact Lee literally whenever I needed led to me being in the ideal condition I needed to be in. I am currently working with Lee again for another pre-holiday program and I would strongly recommend to anyone; whether you are competing or training for health and benefits he is THE coach you want to work with.

Lee’s knowledge and experience is second to none, his accomplishments in the fitness industry speaks for itself as well as his client results and testimonials.” – Sakib


Before: 179lbs
After: 158lbs

“I worked with Lee for my 21 weeks comp prep (offseason to on-season) leading to my first Men’s Physique show. Lee was amazing, very supportive, understanding and always there to answer my questions. Good communication and weekly updates and extremely detailed peak week planner. He knows what he’s doing and he will deffo help you get the results you want. I am already planning to compete next year, not sure when but Lee will definitely will be my prep coach again!” – Jarek (Men’s Physique Competitor)



Pro Package

  • Progressive training programme x 3 cycles (value £499/month)
  • Personalised nutrition plans x 2 (value £499)
  • Supplementation package guide (value £99)
  • Weekly email check x 1 (value £569/month)
  • Macronutrition guidelines (value £249/month)
  • Exercise tutorial database (value £79)
  • Flexible dieting handbook (value £79)
  • Private Facebook community (value £459/month)


£800/ Month

SAVE £400

You will be billed £1100 initially and the same amount for the next two months.

Premium Package

  • Progressive training programme x 3 cycles (value £499/month)
  • Personalised nutrition plans x 2 (value £999)
  • Supplementation package guide (value £99)
  • Weekly email check x 1 (value £569/month)
  • Macronutrition guidelines (value £249/month)
  • Exercise tutorial database (value £79)
  • Flexible dieting handbook (value £79)
  • Private Facebook community (value £459/month)


£900/ Month

SAVE £200

You will be billed £207 initially and the same amount for the next two months.

Secure Payment

All payments are through a secure network. Your credit card information is never stored in anyway. We respect your privacy.


I’m a complete beginner, is this programme for me?

Lean With Lee is for absolutely anyone who wants to transform their body and life. Your programme will be designed around your fitness levels and abilities, so if you’re just starting out you will get a beginner level training programme that progress from week to week.

Is this programme for women too?

Yep, both men and women can join this online coaching programme. I’ve had the privilege of coaching many women and totally understand their individual needs versus their male counterpart.

Having coached and worked with women each with varying goals, I understand and personalise advice so the experience is equal and effective for both genders.

I’ve even coached several ladies to become Professional Fitness Models and Champions – if that kinda thing inspires you.

How many meals a day do I need to eat?

This will totally depend on your lifestyle and how many meals you like to eat. Once you reserve your place I’ll send you a Lifestyle Questionnaire that will let me know how many meals and/or snacks you like to eat so the plans are 100% personalised to you.

What if I don’t like a certain food in the meal plans?

Before we get to this issue your Lifestyle Questionnaire will tell me exactly what foods you like and dislike so I can create a plan that is totally tailored to you. If there’s something you don’t like then we can change that no problem.

How many times a week do I need to workout?

Depending on the time you can dedicate to training, you will need to workout anywhere from 2-5 times weekly. Like I said this would depend on your lifestyle, your working schedule and how many times you believe you can commit to working out. Your Lifestyle Questionnaire will help me create a plan based around the times you can and want to train.

How long is the programme?

Lean With Lee is a 12-Week Programme. Whether you want to lose fat or build muscle the programme will be tailored with nutrition and training plans to guide you along this 12-week journey.

What happens after 12 weeks?

Once you complete week 12 I’ll need you to submit your final stats and progress shots. Lee With Lee will then be opening up spaces for new clients following the completion of your programme.

If you want to continue your private coaching I’ll be offering a special Lean With Lee Graduate Programme after your 12-week programme finishes. More about that when you’re in the programme.

Do I need any training equipment for this programme?

Nope, but you will need access to a decent gym with free weights – dumbbells and barbells as a minimum. The workout plans are based around basic weight training combined with cardio exercise (if necessary) so make sure you have a gym membership ready before you start the programme.

Can I upgrade my package?

Sure, just email and we can upgrade you onto the Premium Package. Try to do this before the programme starts so you don’t miss any key learning material.

What should I do if I have a pre-existing injury or medical issues?

Always consult a professional before starting a new training programme. Get consent that you are fit and healthy to exercise and list any existing medical issues in your Lifestyle Questionnaire once you reserve your place. I recommend seeing a physiotherapist to determine your exercise ability and have regular check up’s throughout the programme.

What should I do if I get injured on the programme?

If for any reason you get injured during the programme, stop the training plan and consult a professional immediately for treatment and advice. Don’t try and train through an injury as you could cause more harm to your body. If you are seriously injured and can no longer complete the programme email immediately.

Are there demonstration videos of the exercises in the programme?

Yes, every exercise in your training programme has an exercise demonstration video in the Exercise Tutorial Database.

What happens once I reserve my space?

Once you reserve your place you will go through to a ‘Welcome’ page with all the details of what’s next, you’ll also receive an email including a Lifestyle Questionnaire that you must complete before your Client Pack can be created. Details of how to the join the Private #LeanWithLee Facebook Group will also be included.

Are the payments monthly or is it a one-off payment?

Payments are made monthly. After your first payment (taken when you reserve your place), you will be billed the following month on the same day; a final payment will then leave your account to complete your final month on the programme. You will only be charged three payments in total.

What day will I be charged each month?

Your account will be debited on the day of the month you make your first payment. You’ll be charged for each month thereafter. For example, if you reserve your place and submit your payment on December 11th, the following payments will leave your account on January 11th and again on February 11th.

You will continue to remain in the programme as long as your payments are cleared each month. If you have any issues with payments email

When will I receive my Client Pack?

You will receive your Client Pack 3-5 days before the programme begins. The programme will begin on January 2nd 2017.

What’s included in my Client Pack?

Your Client Pack consists of:

  • Personalised Nutrition Plans (either 2 or 4 depending on your package),
  • 12-Week Training Plans (broken down into 3 training cycles),
  • Supplement Package Guide,
  • Flexible Dieting Handbook &
  • Exercise Tutorial Database.

Details of how to check in each week and join the private Facebook group will also be included.

Can I print out the Client Pack?

Yes, your Client Pack will consist of PDF guides and plans that you can print off.

When will I get my training plans?

You will get your first 4-Week Training Plan with your Client Pack. You will then receive new plans each month.

How many diet plans do I get?

Depending on the package you choose you will either get two personalised diet plans or 4 personalised diet plans. These plans are tweaked on a week-by-week and monthly basis to keep you on track and moving towards your goals.

How quickly can I expect results?

Results will vary from person to person. Your results will largely depend on the consistency and dedication you put in to the programme. The plans you receive in this programme will be designed for the sole purpose of getting you results. You can expect to see noticeable changes in the first 30 days and considerable results after the 12-weeks if you’ve followed the plans and advice accuratly.

As you can see from the transformations above, they vary in shapes, sizes and goals so there are a number of factors to consider.

This is a lifestyle-changing programme so although you might want fast results, play the long game, your results will last a lifetime and you’ll never again be searching for answers.

Will I get sent a physical pack or is everything digital?

Your Client Pack will consist of PDF digital plans that will include links to videos, products and other helpful resources to support your journey. You will not receive a physical product through the post. This programme is solely through online coaching.

I have another question that I can’t see here. How can I get in touch?

I’m always here and happy to help. If you have any other questions about the programme, send an email to and I’ll get back to you.